Lisa and Gina

Lisa Simeone founded Simeone Deary Design Group with Gina Deary in 2002, stepping outside traditional bounds to build an interior design firm that would prioritize the creative process and inspire collaboration with clients. With more than 30 years of experience positioning lifestyle and hospitality brands in the global marketplace, Lisa is renowned worldwide for delivering high-end luxury and forward-thinking authenticity through experiential design.

As an industry leader, Lisa is sought out to direct the design trajectory of highly visible and well-known brands and has led the conceptualization and design direction of luxury hotels, landmark and adaptive reuse projects, as well as new builds. Her expansive portfolio includes not only brands, but boutique and celebrity projects in North America, Europe and Asia. Central to this success is Lisa’s commitment to a collaborative company culture and a passion for developing her staff of designers.

Lisa Simeone  - Owner

To create an interior design firm that would prioritize artistry and the development of industry talent, Gina Deary established Simeone Deary Design Group with Lisa Simeone in 2002. Gina, whose lifestyle design career spans more than 20 years, has developed an international reputation for curating culturally tuned designs that deliver forward-thinking, prismatic drama.

Clients commission Gina to attract desired users to their developments as she leads with foundational knowledge of the local business environment and deep respect for each project city’s history and architecture. Large-scale art installations that celebrate regional industry and landscape are a hallmark of Gina’s work. Gina views the company’s greatest asset to be its visionary design talent and feels passionate about the importance of creating a safe, inspired place for career development.

Gina Deary  - Owner
Principal & Chief Operating Officer

Adam Lara sees the sum of the parts as a whole and is motivated by how the parts and pieces come together. Organized, strategic, detail-oriented and extremely hands on, Adam truly immerses himself into the entire design process, understanding and adapting to the needs of every project. Through cultural and environmental research, he continuously finds new ways to merge craft with technology.

A licensed architect and LEED Accredited Professional, Adam provides high-level guidance on projects and relationships with a positive attitude and a personable approach. An invaluable resource and liaison, Adam maintains day-to-day operations at Simeone Deary, bridges the gap between designers and clients, and expertly leads the allocation of people and resources.

Adam Lara  - Principal & Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer

Rebecca Daly is a financial executive with over 20 years of experience in finance and operations management. Motivated and resourceful, she serves as a trusted asset to the firm’s owners as she helps them set growth goals necessary to achieve financial success and provides counsel on Simeone Deary’s operational performance.

A Certified Public Accountant, Rebecca joined Simeone Deary in 2007 as the Chief Financial Officer. With her ability to work effectively and efficiently in a fast paced environment, Rebecca manages the firm’s accounting and reporting functions and also assists in staff resource management and recruiting efforts.

Rebecca Daly  - Chief Financial Officer
Director of Marketing

Gianna Tetrick oversees every brand gesture to ensure that stakeholders connect with the firm’s fearless creativity and commitment to customized, personal work. In addition to directing the promotion of the firm through select public relations initiatives, Gianna cultivates relationships that open pathways to new business and longstanding partnerships with hospitality leaders who share the team’s values and vision.

Tetrick designed a series of strategic company culture initiatives that unify the team and develop staff members as brand ambassadors. Through investment in others and transparent communication, Tetrick is committed to helping establish a climate at Simeone Deary that celebrates contributions to the firm’s entrepreneurial success and keeps the company moving forward as an inspired collective.

Gianna Tetrick  - Director of Marketing

Darlene Brown establishes creative solutions and demonstrates an approach to design that is ever-mindful of client goals. Constructability and budget are guiding parameters for Darlene, who delivers high-concept developments on time and in line with business objectives. Texture, form and mood interplay in Darlene’s designs, resulting in customized spaces that articulate fresh brand expressions and exceed expectations.

Bright and determined, Darlene joined Simeone Deary Design Group as a Principal in 2018. She leads with passion and positivity as she expertly manages thought leadership for the studio and establishes and maintains relationships with colleagues, clients and operators.

Darlene Brown  - Principal

Open to all influences of inspiration, Timothy Schwarz’s designs are a reflection of his observation of the role that structure and innovation play in today’s society. Timothy believes that by recreating the original ideas that work while transforming them to a higher level, he is able to maintain a cohesive experience for guests and owners alike.

A licensed architect and LEED Accredited Professional, Timothy is a member of the United States Green Building Council as well as the American Institute of Architects. Recognizing the importance of sustainable design, he seamlessly blends everyday objects with new technology and lifestyle trends to create spaces that offer measurable returns that will last for generations to come.

Timothy Schwarz  - Principal

Guided by a passion for the perspectives and objectives of others, Sara Talleux harvests details of the past and guides hospitality brands and properties into the future. For Sara, design is a visual and tactile conversation, one that creates a sense of place that subtly engages people. She extracts elements from her surroundings, with the intent of giving people choices in their lifestyle.

As a Principal at Simeone Deary, Sara provides leadership across all departments, from the development of concepts and project work, to the management of client relationships. Sara’s professional and personal touch fosters positive rapport in the ongoing pursuit of meaning and precision in lifestyle design.

Sara Talleux  - Principal

Looking beyond the obvious, Carrie Tolman integrates the history and culture of each environment with elements of nature, fashion, pop culture and other inspirational genres. Her designs evolve organically, incorporate each client’s vision and ultimately emerge with great authenticity. Carrie truly takes pride in her relationships with clients and feels strongly that the key to creating a successful design lies in maintaining continuous dialogue and communication throughout the process.

Joining Simeone Deary in 2011, Carrie is energized and motivated by the great responsibility and privilege of executing a concept and making it a reality. With years of design experience, Carrie has established a solid reputation in the industry as loyal, dedicated and hardworking; qualities sure to contribute to Simeone Deary’s continued success.

Carrie Tolman  - Principal
Christy Hubbard

Christy Hubbard collaborates with clients and local teams to deliver high-quality, authentic hospitality design. As an Associate at Simeone Deary, Christy guides design development, documentation and leads construction administration on a wide spectrum of projects, ensuring quality and precision from schematic and FF&E packages to construction coordination and oversight.

Christy Hubbard  - Associate
Dara Jenthanomma

Dara Jenthanomma is inspired by the fact that each project is unique and new trends can evolve on a daily basis. For Dara, building and maintaining relationships is a top priority and she prides herself on providing clients with the highest quality of design, efficiency and attention to detail. Energetic and enthusiastic, Dara uses creativity and passion to create an impeccable design for each and every project at Simeone Deary.

Dara Jenthanomma  - Associate
Shilpa Puri

Inquisitive and instinctual, Shilpa Puri is a designer in-tune with the detail, humor and energy of everyday life. Shilpa takes cues from the mood of natural light – allowing it to enter and elevate interiors. Proactive, honest and committed, Shilpa promptly brings forth high-quality solutions that thoughtfully prioritize needs and address problems. Her ultimate goal is to evoke the story of a space and bring users fully into the narrative.

Shilpa Puri  - Associate
Stacy Searcy

A thoughtfully voracious student of life, Stacy Searcy seeks a deep and thorough understanding of her environment in order to deliver practical and inspired designs. Oriented by nature toward balance and symmetry, while also drawn to thought-provoking enigmas, Stacy’s work is meticulously rooted in logic and opens doors to discovery and conversation. She propels projects forward with a positive, productive energy.

Stacy Searcy  - Associate
Fabiola Troncoso

Fabiola Troncoso creates fluid, concept-driven design narratives that are inextricably linked to local culture and client brands. Delivering an enduring, tangible style experience and technological connectivity to the modern user are her top priorities. Upfront, tenacious and precise, Fabiola joined Simeone Deary in 2015 to grow in her hospitality work and continue imagining and executing daring ideas that both amuse and enchant.

Fabiola Troncoso  - Associate