• The Project


    Conception and design implementation of the replacement of an unsuccessful lobby bar in the bustling Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

    Concept, Brand Positioning, Naming, Logo & Identity, Collateral, Signage, Custom Uniforms


    The Goal

    To bring an energetic and unique presence to the Marina Bay Sands lobby with enough personality to stand out amongst the 33 food & beverage venues on the property.


    Our Solution

    Our focus was to create a venue that celebrated the rich Asian heritage of tea rituals, modernized by offering tea-infused cocktails and a specialized high tea menu. Expanding on our interiors concept of “Intersection of Nature and Geometry,” our brand sought to reflect the efficient harmony of Japanese poetry – specifically Renku, a form of collaborative Haiku poetry in which each poet adds to the verse to create the collective whole. Finally, thoughtful emphasis was given to materiality and physicality of each piece of collateral, creating a presence in the hand that was anything but mundane.


  • The use of typographic angle and composition hints at the way an unexpected word choice in poetic form might uniquely hold the reader’s attention.

  • The check presenter is a writer’s notebook, in which guests are encouraged to write their own piece or phrase of poetry, again adding to the collective form over time.

  • A special Tea Master uniform was designed to reflect the status of the staff who are trained in custom tea-blending, another unique offering of the venue.

  • The expansive menu is a leather-bound journal which over time will gracefully age as a poet’s might, carefully paced such that the guest can take their time to peruse at their leisure.