• The Project


    A three-meal restaurant on the first floor of the Detroit Foundation hotel. It occupies the former garage of the fire headquarters, where the fire trucks were parked and maintained.

    Concept, Naming, Logo & Identity, Collateral, Uniforms


    The Goal

    To create a unique and memorable brand that would dovetail into the overall Detroit Foundation Hotel brand, while still maintaining a strong identity to the local crowd.


    Our Solution

    Named for the fire department’s apparatus room, where the fire engines were housed, the brand is a celebration of the building’s history. The logo, a figure of a phoenix rising from the flames, was inspired by the friezes on the building’s facade. It is emblematic of Detroit’s motto “Resurget Cineribus” (rise from the ashes). Charred blacks and greys convey a smoky atmosphere, while the copper detailing of the brand elements cast a shining focal point.