• The Project


    A small, previously under-frequented bar with a great location in the heart of the casino floor of the Palazzo Hotel, Las Vegas.

    Concept, Brand Positioning, Naming, Logo & Identity, Collateral, Signage


    The Goal

    To create a seductive and charming jewel-box destination bar, and give it a personality that would stand out amidst the noise and energy of a Las Vegas casino.


    Our Solution

    This beauty draws breath from her fictitious namesake muse, Rosina, a prohibition-era Sicilian socialite with a penchant for the good life. To solidify her influence on this bar, a dossier was constructed assigning attributes and back story, modeling our narrative to mirror her lifestyle. Equal parts charming and seductive, coy and vivacious, Rosina encapsulates opulence. “Press for Champagne” buttons; secretive correspondence vehicles; menus inspired by her cigarette case; postcards of Rosina’s travels abroad as check-presenter – every sumptuous detail reflective of items with which she would surround herself.